Retina/HDPI question

I don’t have the equipment to test this…

If I create a control with a graphic area the is 100x100 in size (for example a listbox cell)
and in the IDE I created a graphic with a @1x (32x24) and @2x version (64x48)

I “assume” I don’t have do to anything special to get a properly centered drawing using

g.drawpicture myImage,x,y,w,h, 0,0,w,h

the for non-Retina it would use 100x100 and the @1x image
and for Retina it would use 200x200 for the listbox size and the @2x image
all automagically

correct, but you don’t even have to be that specific on the DrawPicture line… If you’re not changing the size of the image, this should also do…

g.DrawPicture myImage, x, y

hoping my $$$ situation improves so I can actually get a Retina based machine…
forced retirement sucks

[quote=336865:@Dave S]perfect…
hoping my $$$ situation improves so I can actually get a Retina based machine…
forced retirement sucks[/quote]
You could get a monitor. I have a 4K 28" monitor on my desk which does Retina just fine.

Doesn’t the computer have to support retina display as well? Could I plug a retina display into my MBP 2011 500MB Graphics and get retina display?

Doh! I forgot that I ordered mine during the Thanksgiving weekend sales… but here’s the one I have:

That’s a good question. I honestly don’t know.

That said, you could test your retina graphics by telling the OS to use retina mode:

It does… so a 4k monitor does no good unless you have a machine with a graphics card capable of taking advantage of it…

You don’t need a 4k monitor to test Retina. The biggest problem is actually Xojo because it needs so much space.

I developed WebGen on my 13" MBP. You can utilize the space in Xojo much better by turning off that wasteful toolbar, and reducing the size of the library panel. While I do prefer a much larger screen to develop on, it absolutely baffles me that anyone leaves the toolbar visible.