Restart has wiped out my files

I was having a problem uploading a file just now (via the demo file manager) so I restarted the server. Unfortunately, after the restart, it looks like all my files are gone.

I have waited about 20 minutes since the restart. The control panel shows up online but I am still unable to Deploy to server (error connecting to server the first time then second time says no permissions).

Please note that this is the only problem I have had in a while (translation = happy customer ;-).

Let me know if you need more detail in order to troubleshoot.

Looking into it.

Your server is back online.

Maybe I should contact you privately. Server is working now but I have same problem: can’t upload a particular png file via the demo file manager. It uploaded fine using a separate app I created to upload all the media files (but I like demo file manager because I can upload individual files = quicker).