Rest API with iOS

If any one have made any app to user REST API to sync wit iPAD or Iphone or any mobile.
I need to store the data in sqlite in the device and then sync.

can any one guide me how can this be done my server is raspberry pi 3 b+

Any one have done Rest API in XOJO for iOS to connect to any type of DB.


You will have to create another app (usually a web app of some kind) which takes http requests and converts them to sql queries and then returns results in a format your iOS app can use. Usually xml or JSON.

Easiest plug & play solution is to use:

However it isn’t secure, anyone with the URL could access your database.

You can use the iOS Kit Encryption from @Christian Schmitz :

There are links to lots of resources for creating and consuming REST web services with Xojo here:

Hi Valdemar De SOUSA
how iOS Kit Encryption this works is easy then any other solution or i same but fast DEV.

Hi @Alexis Colon Lugo, I use it to connect my iOS App to my postgreSQL database. You can download the manual from MBS website to see if it sit to you.

Hi Valdemar De SOUSA

But you can connect remote to postgresql using iOS Kit Encryption no on localhost ?