Rest API and Square Payments

I have a couple questions as I’m new to this product.

  1. Is there a square payment add-on that works with this product or someone have a sample of how to take payments with square?

  2. Restful service, is there examples on how to use this product to call a Restful API?

  3. What do people thing about this product? First glance it seems easy to use?

No, there is not.

{Your Xojo Installation Path}/Example Projects/Communication/Web Services/RESTy.xojo_binary_project

Xojo is easy to use if you read the documentation and have a grasp of programming. Things become difficult when people try to fight the operating system, proper design paradigms, and try to find the lazy way out. There are several resources available to help learn, and there’s the community here which can help answer questions that aren’t covered in the manual.

For a basic intro that covers the basics and Xojo: Xojo: Learn Xojo Programming
There is a built in language reference, you can also search online:
The manual for Xojo is in your Xojo installation path, the Documentation folder, and is the Xojo Document.pdf file. You can skip the first 190 pages. >_>

Thanks for the comments and input.
On the square payment system , there is nothing preventing payments from square like a security issue that you know of?
If not maybe I will work on building on over time.