Responsive Vs Adaptive Web Design

Here’s to hoping Xojo natively starts supporting responsive design rather than adaptive.
I’m getting really tired of writing a ton of helper libraries and executeJavascript commands to overcome this…

I know WebStyles has to be completely redone. I’m hoping you’ll be able to apply multiple webstyles to a control or even specific parts of a control.
Anybody have any creative ideas how Xojo might implement the IDE to make responsive controls easy to lay out and design? It needs to be quite a bit different than AutoLayout.

Just out of interest, since when is Xojo a web design tool?

Creating responsive websites is not that difficult, once you get the hang of it.

Just use a good editor like Sublime Text editor, a good knowledge of HTML5 / CSS 3 and JavaScript and voil, you build responsive websites in no time.

But maybe I did understand you wrong.

Anyway, it is a very interesting question, which also will get my full attention.


I would think the whole front end engine of the Web Framework would need to be redone to get anywhere close to what you’re hoping for. We know that it’s a hot mess™ right now because the original concept was a web version of desktop interfaces.

It might be helpful to look at how the Stacks RapidWeaver plugin does it’s design concepts, but I haven’t honestly looked at that in years so I couldn’t say if it’s a good or bad idea.

Plus, what do we do for the folks who do want a web version of desktop interfaces? I think corporate web apps prefer the desktop interface approach having used several different webapps for a few different companies in the past.

Present RubberViewsWE with auto layout does all that, expect BreakPoints. Version 2 will have it.

Yet, I still feel Xojo Web is simply not intended to be used for Web design, but rather, for desktop-like UI.

Responsive design would be great but I don’t think the IDE could really present it in its current form. The nuances of grids, mobile sizes, and such are outside the scope of it right now.

Like Chris said it’s not too hard to build a pleasant design. You can use HandleURL() event to build custom web interfaces.

I have been working on a very large secure file sharing solution. I ended up building my own high performance web server in Xojo to help me handle very large files in chunks. Both receiving and sending. Outside of edge cases like that you can get VERY far using Xojo Web and building your own UI.

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Wow would I like to be able to do some of that natively! Will have a look at Rubber Views…

You can download the evaluation version from

It lets you play with it and run at will.

Download link works, but demo link give me “Internal server error 500”

Sorry about that. I have fixed the issue. Now the app works as expected.

Hi Michel, is version 2 already available? Which are the fixes/improvements in v2?

I tried your control some months ago, but I found it very slow when resizing, especially when used with a lot of controls. And I remember it crashing from time to time…
TBH I tried the desktop version on a mid-end linux machine, I dunno if the web version is faster/more stable.
(disclaimer: I started exploring xojo development a few months ago, but I never wrote something production ready, and I re-started evaluating it today for a web admin interface).


RubberViews desktop is mainly geared towards Mac and Windows. Linux desktop has enough idiosyncrasies for such a small market, I have not really spent much time testing it out under that platform. I would guess that indeed, it might be slow there.

Version 2 in on stand by, until I can find some time to check on it. Sorry.

RubberViewsWE works on Linux (of course), and precisely, the demo available for download on the site is deployed live as CGI on a Linux host there.