Resolved: Cannot install app - entitlements?

My app certificate / profile on Apple Developer for my app include Game Center, iCloud, In-App Purchases.

My Xojo app has Photos Access, Game Center, and iCloud selected, with Photos having both read and write access selected and iCloud now not having CloudKit selected.

I have my certificates and profiles loaded and did all the steps… and can run perfectly fine on the simulator while being unable to install on the physical devices themselves, I am confused.

I am running Xojo latest release on Mac Big Sur and am trying to load to iPhone iOS 14.01 from Xcode v 13.

When I do build my app, with Build for App Store DE-selected… and try to load on my devices using Xcode and Apple Configurator 2, I get errors.

Much appreciation to all who can help me with this.
Here are two screen grabs if these help!

I went through the whole process of getting a development certificate for Store build, built for Store, and saw the error message.

Turns out it was the iCloud for some reason. Le sigh. De-selected iCloud and BAM, non-Store build WORKS.

I wonder why de-selecting iCloud worked when my build profile / certificate included iCloud in there?

Anyway. Monkey at keyboard figured it out… somehow.