Resizing FolderItem Dialog Windows

I’ve recently noticed a problem and would like to see if anyone else has seen this.

In my application, I have several OpenDialog and SaveAsDialog operations and have recently noticed that these dialog windows can be enlarged but cannot be reduced afterward.

Suspecting that I had done something wrong, I looked at the Xojo Example: Files -> FolderItem Dialogs

Loading and running that Xojo Example project, i get the exact same results. Both the OpenDialog and the SaveAsDialog windows can be enlarged, but cannot be reduced. The SelectFolderDialog seems to work as normal.

I strongly suspect that this is a Windows 10 problem but sure would like to hear form someone seeing similar problems.

PC is running 64-bit Windows 10 Pro.

Thanks in advance.

Ron Bower

I am not seeing this. On my Windows 10 Pro x64 VM, I can resize those dialog boxes any way I want, making them smaller or larger.

Thanks for the reply, Paul. This is very confusing to me - I’m also seeing the same thing on my laptop.

I even went back to a release done a year ago, installed it and it behaves the same way.

Since I get the same problem running the Xojo Example project, then it would seem to be something with Windows on my PCs. Would you have any suggestion as to where I could start looking - maybe somewhere in the registry ?

Ron Bower

I don’t know myself. A Google search for “windows 10 cannot resize file dialog” turned up this thread, which may be relevant.

Thanks for that link, Paul. At least it looks like I am not the only one affected.

I may not have mentioned that this problem just showed up quite recently - probably within the last week. I assume that it was the result of a recent Windows upgrade.

Does Xojo have any means to contact Microsoft ?

Ron Bower

Paul - Very interesting thread. I followed the instructions and found the registry entry for my application and deleted it.

The Dialog windows then opened at default size, but the problem of resizing smaller was still there. I tool the suggestion of one of the posters and changed permissions on the entry so that I could not change it. That always resets the dialog window to open at default size since my account does not have permission to change it.

I suspect that other users are having the same issue but just have not yet noticed it.

Ron Bower

When I booted up my Win 10 Pro this morning, it installed some updates - now the resizing issue is gone.

Ron Bower