Resizing Column beyond Listbox Width does not show the Horizontal Scrollbar

Is this still true in 2023? I’ve just run into it with a project refactor. The Horizontal Scrollbar is enabled, but any changes to a WidthActual value that would cause the listbox to grow wider that the defined visual area does not cause the scrollbar to appear.

I imagine if the last width specifier in the columnwidths string is *, then this is what will happen.

I thought WidthActual was read-only. I wouldn’t expect setting it to have any effect. I’ve always used ColumnWidths to adjust column sizes.

WidthActual is both read write and has been for a long time.


The original column 4 value is * (60, 170, 30, 64, *, 100), but then I set it to the StringWidth of the text being added - originally thinking that would cause the refresh and the scrollbar to appear. So, I finally learned (from that post) that I needed to update the whole list. That just seems unnecessary since the WidthActual value is Read/Write. I just looked and can’t find a feature request, so I’ll create one.