Resized event on Linux

Feedback Case Number: 65436

Just wanted to raise this in case anyone else is seeing this and concerned. Has anyone come up with a workaround?

You can use the Copy Link button in feedback so you can link directly to the feedback case. <>. That will encourage more people to check it out since they don’t have to search for it. Just fyi.

Use the other event, perhaps. The one that didn’t work for me (perhaps only on th ePi) was Resizing which fires continuously as the window is resized. So I use the Resized event too.

I don’t use Linux much, back in 2018 I found this open case:
26762 - Linux: Windows Resizing event does not fire - resized fires multiple times during resizing

I don’t know if this is related or if this still applies. Maybe you can confirm if this is still a problem with Linux and I hope they can fix your case and this case too.