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Is it just me? I thought the Resizable switch would let you control wether or not a window can be resized. So far, I can’t see any difference with it on or off.

I’ve been setting the window min and max sizes the same as the designed size to prevent resizing. It’s not a huge pain, but seems like this should be an option. Can someone point me in the right direction to see what the resizable switch is used for if anything, and if there is another way I should be controlling the resizability besides hard coding it as I describe above?

Screen Shot 2021-10-06 at 3.13.04 PM

When resizing is enabled, it allows the user to resize the window between the minimum size and the maximum size. If these are the same then the window can not be resized by the user.

I suggest trying it with a new project and simply disabling the resize switch.

I’ve tried it on several projects on my Mac with no difference.

Next step would be to file a Feedback report using Xojo’d Feedback application (not to be confused with Apple’s Feedback application, which came later).

Thanks. I’ll test a bit more before doing that though.

At least on document windows the resizeable option doesn’t do anything. Tested with lastest something.

I just tested this again this morning with Linux and Windows and it works as expected. It does not work with MacOS. I’ll submit a support ticket.

Having the HasMaximizeButton or HazMinimizeButton set to true makes the window “resizable” on macOS.

Being able to resize on the Mac isn’t the issue. It’s that the switch to disable it doesn’t seem to work on the Mac. I have a work around and have submitted a request for support.

My point is that if you have either the Maximize Button or the Minimize Button enabled automatically makes the window resizable. If you turn those off, it will obey the Resizable option.

somehow it means the resizable have to be on if max or min is enabled.
or if we set resizable to off the other options get off too.

I didn’t know that. I thought those were off, but I’ll check it out just to make sure. XoJo support was able to duplicate my issue and filing a bug report, so either way it’s not working correctly for the Mac. Thanks :slight_smile:

Being able to reproduce your case is not the same as it being a bug. All it means is that the behavior you stated is reproducible using the information you provided. It’s a first check so that we don’t have engineers tracking down missing assets or instructions.

I’m just going by what they said. Here’s their response:

Hi Steve,

Thanks for the screenshots on this. I understand it now and I am able to see the problem on my machine. I will create a bug report for this and we’ll look into it.

In the meantime, you can probably get around this but putting some code in window.resizing to set the size to what you want. Sorry about the bug.

Hi Steve - this was my mistake, sorry about that. I had forgotten about the Maximize Button or the Minimize Button difference here.

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No Problem, it makes sense now. It seems that if the “Resizable” switch is turned off it should automatically turn off the minimize and maximize buttons. But understanding this saves me from needing to put extra code in to deal with it. :slight_smile:

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