Resize control on webpage

Hi, in the example that you can download, I’ve a web app (2022.4.1),

There is webtabelpanel and a weblistbox. The tabelpanel you can resize the height with the 2 button +/-, instead the same does not work with listbox.
Why the height resize work with tabpanel and insted with listbox does not?

Ciao Fabio,

Sembra che la pagina non è in aggiornamento dopo hai premuto il pulsante aggiungi. Tuttavia se si ridimensiona la pagina la casella a elenco cambia dimensione. Non so ancora perché.

What do you mean with “if you resize the page”?

If you resize the web browser (the browser, Chrome in my case, window itself) the Listbox does change its size. I’m not sure why as I couldn’t get it to change normally also.

bug? :man_facepalming:
Still? after 30 years?

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Ho anche usato un contenitore col Listbox e no - Lo stesso risultato. Sto usando Xojo r2022.4.1.

Are you planning on creating a bug report so @Ricardo_Cruz can take a look at this? If not I can create one.

Alberto - I was waiting to see if someone experienced in Web like yourself could confirm? If so then I will make the bug ID report.

Thank you sir.

Yes I was able to reproduce.

You click the buttons and the weblistbox size doesn’t change unless you resize the browser.

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Thank you - Ill create the bug ID.

Here is the Bug ID I created for this issue. Thank you @fabio_stranieri for reporting it!