Resize all controls proportionately

I’m trying to update an old vb6 project using Xojo. The project included a commercial ocx control called Active Resize from that resized everything on the form in proportion to the form size.
So if you maximized the form everything looked the same just larger (including fonts). All you did was drop the control on the form and tell it to do it’s stuff in the form.activate event.
Not so easy to write in Xojo. I’ve messed around with anchors but to no avail. Any clues?

This is also a 3rd party product (although Xojo compatible), but would something like RubberViews do for what you’re looking for?

I hope that helps.

Thanks that looks like exactly the same thing as the vb product. Even has the same nag screen for the trial version. I’ll give it a go.

be aware it is “similar”, but not “the same thing”… VB may have inspired Rubberviews, but don’t go in expecting the same structure and syntax

Thanks I’ll be careful. Like the vb product it only uses a couple of lines of code to set the parameters and the rest happens automatically.

I was not even aware of any VB product when I designed RubberViews. I have switched to Xojo back in late 2000.

But I am not surprised. I originally designed that class for my own use, before I was made aware of the need, as a similar product was retired and there was no solution available. I could not do without it today.

+1 for RubberViews. Dead easy to use.