Resetting "Minimum IDE Requirement" when Collecting Items - Why?

I need to branch a project that I’m working on. The way that I’ve always done this previously was by using “Collect Project/Items” and saving as a new project. However, in 22r2, when I do this, I’m warned that:

Why? Either keep the current settings (since saving in this manner could affect the project if we’re submitting it to track a bug), or give us an option.

Depending on how old the project is, you could end up with file extensions that change.

Just out of curiosity, why aren’t you just using the branching system that’s built in to your version control system?

Because Using “Collect” and starting a new tree for this is a better workflow.

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Ugh. Well, the IDEs Collect method doesn’t even try to maintain the same identifiers for anything when it creates the new project, and if that’s happening now, I wouldn’t plan on it working that way forever.

Now I’m sorry I asked. I’m not really prepared to have that debate with yet another user.

The earlier versions also didn’t guarantee the same object ID either. But why would the the iderntifier require a forced change in the minimum IDE version? Especially since I’m not using any API-2 control or function types? I would code it to recognize the use of API-1 constructs and retain a compatible minimum.

I don’t quite understand that statement …