'Requires ARM64 capability' error

I just tried copying an iOS app to my iPad mini, but Xcode gives me an error about ARM64
The mini is running iOS 9.3.5 … is this the problem?
Cant I build for such devices?

Edit: it appears not.
So all 3 of my iPads are no good for testing.
Sigh. Apple enforced obsolescence strikes again.

What model of iPad mini is it?

If it’s the original iPad mini, that was 32-bit and it will almost be six years old by now. Xojo builds for iOS 10/iPad mini 2 and upwards.

Maybe you can use an older version of Xojo?

Thats looking likely.
Cant believe it was that long ago that I last did any iOS work (in Corona)

Oddly, although my older Xojo (2015) shows my iOS licence, it won’t build for 32 or 64 bit iOS

I have no iOS experience but, just a thought, do you also need an older version of Xcode to be installed?

My thoughts too.
I have 8 and 9.
I figure I can rage against the machine, or just buy a new iPad.
Its an expensive way to release a free app. :frowning:


Maybe Xcode 8 is too new for Xojo 2015? Can you try Xojo 2016r4 (for example)?

Thanks, but no point really
Apple wont allow a 32bit app anyway, so I had to go buy a new iPad.

For sale: iPad mini. :slight_smile:

Hey Jeff,

Just saw this after I posted the same thing. Same issue with an older iPad that I want to test the App on. I’m trying to figure out a way to override the plist but no joy so far. For me, deployment is not the issue since it’s on the App store as of a couple of days ago. I just want to be able to test my new split screen layouts and use the App on my boat without having to buy a new iPad.