Requirements for NSMenuItemMBS.validateMenuItem event


I’m using NSMenuItemMBS objects for adding a status menu.
In the main menu, some items have a submenu, containing items that should be checked at certain times.
So I made a subclass in Xojo and set the menu up. So far, so good.

In order to add/remove the checkmark, I added the validateMenuItem event to the subclass. Surprisingly, this event is correctly called only for the base menu; all contained items in the submenu, though also being of the same subclass, won’t call their validateMenuItem event.
So I’m wondering what is required to make this event being called.

For the NSMenuMBS you use.
Did you set autoenablesItems to true or false?

Yes, the parent is a NSMenuMBS.

I tried all three (not changing, setting to true, and setting to false), to the NSMenuMBS parent.

Here’s the function where I create the NSMenuMBS (the menu containing the submenu):

Public Sub CreateLocalListSubMenu()
  if MyStatusItem<>nil then 'NSStatusItemMBS
    Var m As

    if m<>nil then
      Var mi As new CConnectionMenuItem //NSMenuItemMBS subclass
      mi.Title="Connexions locales"
      mi.submenu=new NSMenuMBS
      m.addItem mi
      LocalListSubMenu=mi //Property of the app class
    end if
  end if
End Sub

And to add a new item, this is simply so:

Var LocalMenu As NSMenuMBS
if LocalListSubMenu<>nil then LocalMenu=LocalListSubMenu.submenu

if LocalMenu<>nil then
  Var mi As new CConnectionMenuItem(Data.DisplayName)
  LocalMenu.addItem mi
end if

Ok, I found the issue:

LocalMenu.addItem mi
The line above adds a CConnectionMenuItem object (subclass of NSMenuItemMBS) to the menu, but then it looses its subclass (the object becomes a plain NSMenuItemMBS), so the subclass events’ won’t work.

I’m not sure it’s the right workaround, but I’ve solved the issue by adding a property to the app class:
SharesMenuItems() as CConnectionMenuItem
and whenever I add a CConnectionMenuItem to a NSSubMenuMBS, I also add it to the property. This has the effect of letting the framework remember that this is a subclass rather than a plain NSMenuItemMBS.

Another more elegant solution you’d see?