requirements for installing your app on a local ios device ?

Hi all,

I remember reading that now you can download your app in a local ios device without any developper program, for testing purposes.
I also remember you need some recent macos version and ios version to do that, which one ?
you also need xcode or can you do it with xojo ?
I’m planning to go further on ios xojo programs and as it is only for me now, dont want to spend the developper fee now.

thanks for any info on this.

Here is a fast answer with some links :wink:

Device capabilities

so it seems you need xcode 7 (and so 10.10 macos)
but it also seems reserved to xcode projects
impossible with xojo ?
waiting for a xojo team member to be sure of the answer …

Definitely possible in Xojo, there is a link in the new documentation which shows how.

thanks Paul.
so definitively xcode 7, macos 10.11 .

the funny thing about this one is that I already had it in my bookmarks !

It’s pretty simple actually. Compile and build the application in Xojo, open xCode and attach a device, switch to the devices window in xCode and select your device, drag and drop your application onto the Add Application window.

Once you get the idea, it goes very smoothly.