Request for Xojo Flatpaks

Would Xojo be interested in distributing the Xojo Linux releases in the Flatpak format? That one format would support all distros and give a consistent installation experience. It would also avoid the problem I recently had where the version of webkitgtk I had installed had a bug that made web projects unusable.

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As an Ubuntu supporter, I would say “Request for Snaps”. :wink:

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My problem with Snaps in this case is that they auto-update and it’s pretty normal to keep using a single version of Xojo. This might be do-able in Snaps like it is in Flatpak where you have a branch per Xojo version, however.

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I’d recommend to create a Feature Request in the Feedback App.

There are solutions for that.

Well… Snaps do exactly that too. You can isolate “versions” in different sub-channels (tracks), and request one specific instead of “latest/stable”, like:

$ snap install xojo --channel=2021r3/stable