Request for reviewers of my app ReviewCards

After probably fourteen years of both learning XOJO and building ReviewCards, it’s ready to be seen.
My app, which is a “complicated” flash card program, will be free because there are so many places to get basic cards.
There are also a few PAID (licensed) flash card apps out there and my market would be smaller than theirs.
My app is finally ready for testing and I don’t have any testers. It’s probably beta or better because I can’t find any bugs.
I am looking for input on UI design especially and if anyone is interested then testing.
I also have html pages, which are written by me, which means lousy at explaining stuff. They are okay at explaining the interface and data.
I don’t have a copyright or license so only I’m willing to share links.

Anyone interested?
Emailing me also would be fine.

I am glad nobody emailed me. I found a small unintended bug. It’s now 1.01.2

My email address is