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If anyone who is developing for iOS is a member of the Apple Developer Enterprise Program, we would like to know how your Team appears in the iOS build target in the Xojo IDE. Normally the list should show the name of the entity, but we’ve got at least one developer whose name includes more than that. If you have one of these accounts, please send me a private forum message with a screenclip like the one below with the menu open.


Greg, your forum profile is private. Users can’t send you a private message by clicking on your name/profile pic.


I have a screen clip for you, but as @Jeremie_L notes, I can’t (easily?) PM you. So please PM me and I will respond with the screen clip for you.

Spoiler alert: Only the enterprise name shows up for the two clients I have with Enterprise licenses.

Jason had already contacted me directly about this so I am emailing mine to him.

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That’s bizarre. I get private messages from users all the time.

Go to messages:

click New Message:

add Greg:

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