Request.Entity doesn't work in Web 2.0 / API 2.0

In 2019R3.1 we would use Request.Entity & Request.Print. But, trying to convert to 2020R1.2 these functions don’t work. How do we convert this?


You’ll notice that there’s now a response parameter. You should write your values there.

Since the documentation has no examples, how do I do this? (sorry that I’m not experienced enough to know)

The same way you did it in web 1. Just replace request with response.

There’s also an example called “WebService-HandleUrl”

Thanks, I’ll take a look.

Ok. So, I see how to change Request.Print to Response.Write. But, I have no idea how to change Request.Entity to anything equivalent in Web 2. Help?

We’re you writing to entity before?

 Request.Body As String

Should be the equivalent, it’s read only:

I see there is no way to read the WebResponse.Write value after setting it. This could be done in Web 1.0, are you looking for such functionality?

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No writing, reading - Request.Entity

Wish there was some kind of Before -> After chart for Web 1 -> Web 2, and possibly for API 1 -> API 2. That sure would take a LOT of the guess work and time out of trying to get a HUGE web project converted over.

Thanks for your consideration.

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No, just need to read the incoming data.

Read the Request.Body in Web 2.0

Then just use Request.Body.

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