Reports font size different on two Mac


i have created a report on my iMac and everything is working fine. If i open the project file on my macbook, the font size is smaller, i think its because of the screen resolution?
How can i get the font size the same on both computers?


Do you specify the font name, size or unit ?

See DesktopTextField — Xojo documentation

If not specified, my guess is that the System font is used and it may be different on the MacBook than on the iMac.

It may have to do with whether HIDPI is enabled or not.

i have specified the font, size and unit in the ide… does it make difference if defined with
Me.FontName = “Helvetica”?

Having to take account for the display resolution is not easy. These two units are different:

Point: comes from typography world. A point is 1/72 of an inch.

Pixel: is the size of a Picture Element. For sure a Pixel is smaller on a HiDPI display.

Point and Pixel are not related since they do not measure the same thing.

That is as far as I can go helping you. Maybe @Greg_O can help further. Thanks Gre^g

How can you tell that ?

What is the screen resolution of the iMac and the MacBook ?
(width, height and depth / diagonal).

The time when you measure the objects on screen with a rule is over for a long time; since Apple releases computer with Retina displays… (do not laught: I sa a friend of mine doing so…).

For info, my MacBook Pro (both Intel and M1) screen size is…
3360 x 2100 x 144 in a 13" screen… but the things are far larger in my external 23" (1920 x 1080)…

It is in a Report ? What is important is the printed papers. They may be the same size (excepted if you set different Print properties).

compiled the app, left side printed on iMac, right side printed on MacBook, same settings, same printer etc.
The problem is, when i change the macbooks screen resolution to a higher resolution, the font size printed is smaller, setting it to a lower resolution, the font size is bigger…

What i really don’t understand, 15 point is 15 Point in print, no matter what screen resolution is set.

15 Point is about 5,29 mm and it has to be that size on the printed sheet regardless of what my screen resolution is… :wink:

Thanks Marco

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The answer can be in the way you print the ticket…

Printer Setup may have a CheckBox “Fit to the page” or so… or a reduce / enlarge value (in %)…

In both machines, display the Printer Setup dialog, then compare the properties; then display the Print dialog and compare the properties. If they are the same, go to code (next §).

Can you share the Printer Setup code (if you set properties there) and the start of your Print code (just before you start to Print the data (if the above is the same on both machines).

the printer setup is exactly the same. It is the same result on any xojo Report printing examples.
Print a report, change your screen resolution and print again, the font size will be different.

this is an print of xojo “list of products” example, printed on two different screen resolutions…

Just a guess on my part but the report engine may be using the defined pixels per inch for a specific screen resolution and rendering to that resolution. You could change your methodology to rendering the text to a Canvas of a set resolution the way it used to be done in Xojo before the report engine. At least that way you would get a consistent result for your label printer.

Create a bug case in