Reporting and Templates

I have a customer project that outputs PDF reports. The customer now wants something that can be edited for style.
Either I need to find a way to write Word documents, or RTF (if I can get tables and images in), or I need a solution that I can embed in my project that can offer some customization applying a style guide or template.

Before I go and reinvent the wheel, does anyone have any suggestions?

xojo support ms office excel and word, so customer need a licence and you for developing too.
word template with jump marks as .dotx file.
other way is using a report server apart from your app.
so the report just use a database. as example ms sql reporting service. customer could edit report self.
from my experience nobody can edit reports so a small config for some design options would be ok.
usually customers want something without thinking what it means.

It’s a Mac and Windows solution, so the Xojo Office support won’t do.
I’ve been considering a db reporting tool, as this is a databased solution, but the schema and relationships are extremely complex. I may need to have an export from the database to a more simplified system for reporting.

In the past we’ve created db views that are strictly for reporting. That way, a reporting tool like Shorts could be allow the end user to modify their reports but also keep them out of the meat of the database (and be totally confused by it).

That’s kind of the approach I’m taking.
But I need a good reporting tool that I can integrate.

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