Report tutorial

Hi All.

Quick question (and for once NOT a trouble…)

Is there a good tutorial for creating reports? I have gone through the example and some of the videos on Xojo’s youtube channel, but keep having issues.

If there is one for simple people like me, can you post the link?


Reports can be a simple html table or a full blown Tableau solution. What do you want to do?

This is a good beginners book with an extra Reports Chapter:

Hi Ms. Willius:

What I want to do is take a listbox I have filled with data and print it as a report, as opposed to a “graphic”, if you know what I mean.


You have to do the job by yourself:
a. Compute the number of lines per page,
b. print the first page header, footer, core (do the design yourself),
c. issue a page feed (next page)
d. Print the next page
Issue a next page
e. go to point d above for all other pages.

Remember to increase the line number value, so you will be able to issue the Next Page command.

I hope this is clear.

NB: Using the word Report make people here think Report.

I never used it, but I read here you may avoid its use.

Unfortunately, you also have to deal with the horizontal tabs (print using x, x1, x2, xn…) if the data comes from a db or a DesktopListBox…

Start with some lines to print only (less than 10 is enough), then, when all is OK, you can add more lines to print (around 100 for two pages), then around 200 and you will be done since you will use a king of loop to print starting at page 2 to the end of the printing process.

Or… you set a “nag page *”, then print the data starting at page 2.

  • A page with the company logo, address, document title in large size, author, date, etc.

Create the report as you wish, implement a class to get the data from your listbox using the DataSet Interface. Feed your report using this data source.