Report trouble

Hello everyone!
In a Report I have a Multiline, WordWrap ReportField; the text of this ReportField is prepared via code in the BeforePrinting event.
The first line of my ReportField is OK, while, from the second onwards, the first letter is regularly truncated.

I don’t know how to fix it: does anyone have any ideas?

Thank you in advance!

do you used new 0 based string commands? at the older commands the first char starts at 1.

Hi Markus, I use Xojo 2019r1.1

In the BeforePrinting event I set up a String variable, then I assign it to the Text property of the ReportField

Hello Nedi, and if u use a break point you can see the whole text in your string variable in debugger?

Yes Markus, the variable is perfect: the problem arise when I set the text property with the content of my variable

hmm, something else overlap your report field?

No, nothing

Should I open a Feedback Case?

if it is a bug then yes with a example project.

xojo have a constant for line endings

Opened Feedback case <>

Good luck Xojo fixes the bug. As far as I know, it was reported years ago anyway. The company has not touched or updated the report engine for years.

Hi Martin.
Have you any idea what is the reason why the company does not touch or update the report engine?

ahh now i saw your screenshot and understand your problem.
what are your font settings?

Times New Roman 14

Hi Markus, I discovered just now that changing the font to Verdana 14 there are no truncations!!

i made some test and i cant reproduce your problem. (xojo2019r3)
but good that it is displayed correct with a other font.

I have the same project also on Xojo 2019r3, and the problem is still here, the same way as 2019r1.1

and the Times New Roman is original font came with os?

Yes, Times New Roman is a standard Windows font.