Report output

How do I make my report output look better than a 9pin dotmatrix printer?

Think it’s time for another report designer / generator tool.
In our primary project we use NCReport , written in Qt and perfect to integrate into a Xojo project, but we also worked with Bkeeney Shorts

Print on a Laser Printer? (just kidding!)

Print on a Color Laser Printer !

It turns out that while printing directly to the printer from my app looks like crap, printing to pdf is fine. Printing the pdf also is fine.

Select a higher resolution than the default of 72dpi.

Now you mention printing pdf, your question suddenly makes more sense to me: my Pro Bono application can print … to a printer and print to pdf. I know they generate the pdf and print it, but I never asked them if they directly print to paper (their Windows XP machine is not connected anywhere, so I have doubts). I will ask them.