Report - look ahead to next record

I have a Report that displays on each row of a Body a database field named House_Number. To aide people using this report it is highly beneficial for them to easily see there are people in this same House_Number

What I am trying to do is change the color of a line LineShape2 If I could look ahead to next record and read House_Number I could change the color from Black to Grey

I have also experimented with various Before and After Printing Event Handlers but that does not yield what I need.

Is there a way to look ahead to the next Loop (I say Loop because this appears to be a For or While event of the Record information passed to the Report) and reference a Field to see its value?

Could you move your line from the bottom of the band to the top and then compare to the previous (cached) house number?

Moved the line segment from bottom to top and to another GrouP Header.

Group Header works only when criteria moves to next Street.

Moving Line Segment from Botton to Top and using either Before/After Printing yields same result. I am always one row off the color change

Perhaps try at the recordset level instead. I don’t know what DB you’re using, but it sounds like your recordset would benefit from a lookahead query (if supported). There’s a very good example for MS SQL Server here:

Edit: Google for SQL next row value should bring up results for other DBs.