Report label

Hi, if I have a report label which contains a double quote (") when I build or simply run the project I get the following error:
Location: Report1.Label1.Name Layout (property name)
Issue: Syntax error

Is it a bug?

I am using Xojo 2019r1.1 on Windows 10.

Thanks to everybody.


Same error on Mac 19r1.1. Don’t use standard quotes in the property. However, it will accept Emoji characters, so you could use the stylized quotes from there, or other UTF8 sources.

I haven’t input these in Windows myself. This link may help you:

Well, the strange thing is that I have tried to use a double quote in the Text property of the report label, not in the Name property!!

I’ve got it! You have to double-type the double quote (Stadio ““G. Falchi””)