Report footer not printing

Maybe it’s just me but I can’t seem to get the page footer in reports to print. Anything I put in the Reports page footer area appears in the viewer but doesn’t show when printed.

<> shows that it used to be a problem but was fixed in 2013. Now I, at least, am seeing it again in 2014r3.2. Is anyone else seeing this problem again?

BTW, I’m running on Windows 7, 64 bit.

Just ran an old project of mine and the page footing is being printed; however, it is lower than it ever was before and I am only seeing the top couple of dots on the text being written. Will have to play with it and see if it is fixable. Ran it a second time choosing the borderless option to minimize the margins and now it shows but it is lower than it has been in the past it seems.

Forgot to state that in my case it is latest version of OS X and Xojo.

Hi Dale,
I have the same problem in one from my project and I have resolve the problem with not change the hight from the page footer.
If you made a report try to not touch the hight from report footer and try to leave a larger corner space when put controls into the footer page.
Sory from my bad english.