Report body (auto)height

in the body section of a report I use a reportfield to print the description of an article. This description can be very short or very long: is it possible to tell Xojo to automatically adjust repordfield’s height and body’s height?

Sorry for my english, I hope you understood my problem.

Thanks everybody!

There already is a Feedback report on this, <>, and I really wish Xojo would fix it and make the ability a user-settable option on a per-field basis.

I doubt they will fix this.

One can always hope! Maybe if a few more people added it to their top cases list…

I got tired of waiting. I used RSReports for a while and then finally developed my own reporting tool (BKeeney Shorts) based on our consulting needs. RSReports is fine but you can’t get at the source so it has some baggage that made it increasingly hard to deal with. Shorts is pretty lightweight and fast (3,000 pages in ~1 second) and works in Web Apps too.