Replacing deprecated objects

I guess WriteByte, ReadByte, WriteShort, ReadShort, WriteLong, and ReadLong have been completely deprecated from Xojo. What do I replace each of those with?

WriteByte -> WriteInt8
WriteShort -> WriteInt16
WriteLong -> WriteInt32

Same scheme for Read.

Shouldn’t that be:
WriteByte –> WriteUInt8

Int8 is just more general as it will accept signed & unsigned values

They both write the exact same 8 bits to the output

a “byte” is unsigned though, so it makes more sense to use the writeUnt8. then you can write from 0-255. If you want to write from -127 to 127 then use the int8 variant :slight_smile: It MAY not matter when writing as writing a uint8 that is above 127 to an int8 will result in the negative bit being set that is exactly the same as writing the 8th bit to the value. However when reading it back in it very much matters if you want the same number to come out when above 127. You should do the same in both places just for sanity sake :slight_smile: