Replacements for iOS Framework Add-Ons like iOSKit?

HI All,

I’ve been using a number of add-ons in my iOS App like iOSKit, iOSExtensions that all end in XC, and so forth. These were all written by various people on the forums here.

Are there replacements for these in the MobileFramework? I’m converting to that and would like to get these updated if possible.


The projects are open source so you can submit a pull request with the changes needed to migrate them to the Mobile framework :slight_smile:

Unfortunately were kinda left out in the cold with the API2.0 changes without any auto migration from Xojo.

OK. So I’m on my own to update things then - yes? That’s fine. I just wanted to know what kind of work I needed to do on my end…

iOSDesignExtensions is updated for the mobile framework :slight_smile:

In the project you will find a folder for iOSDesignExtensions and another one named iOSDesignExtensions_API1 if you still need API1 features.

YAY! Thank you @Jeremie_L

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@Jeremie_L is your iOSKit repository updated for Mobile Framework?

No it isn’t, yet.

I plan on updating it within the next 2-3 months depending on my workload.