Replace in html

Hi How i can use this code to replace the var data=[ in the html code

Dim html As String = Replace(kChartDrawHTML, “%ChartDrawJavaScript%”, kChartDrawJavaScript)


Chart Test

What is it that you are trying to replace ?

var Data=[…]

You could do that for example with:
Dim HTMLParts() as String = HTML.Split(“var data = [”)
If HTMLParts.ubound>0 Then HTMLParts(1)=HTMLParts(1).Right(HTMLParts(1).Len-HTMLParts(1).Instr("]"))

Use Regex to get the string you want replaced, and after that do a simple Replace. Simple.

how i can generate the all html from text file.

i think is easy

What’s wrong with ReplaceAll here?

So who you replace all data in var Data=[…]

I assumed that he also wants to replace the parameters which are unknown at the time of writing. In which case you don’t have a predefined text to replace.

[quote=125631:@Alexis Colon Lugo]how i can generate the all html from text file.

i think is easy[/quote]
Not sure what you wish to do here…

I split the html in a before and after the “Data=[” (assuming there can be only one occurence.)
Look in the remainder for the closing “]” and discard the part in front. Join them back together with your replacement text in the middle.

Ralf, what you described is exactly what you’d use a regular expression for. You’ll save yourself a ton of coding time with regular expressions.

Never really got the hang of regexp, can you give me an example how to do this with regexp ?

The pattern would be something like:


Let me break this down into parts for you:

Data=       # look for "Data="
\\[          # open square-bracket, literally
(           # start a capturing group
[^]]+       # a series of character that are *not* the close square-bracket
)           # close the capturing group
\\]          # closing square-bracket, literally

The Xojo code would be:

dim rx as new RegEx
rx.SearchPattern = "Data=\\[([^]]+)\\]"

dim match as RegExMatch = rx.Search( theText )
while match <> nil
  // do stuff
  match = rx.Search // Find the next one

Honestly, it looks worse than it is, and is much easier to read in a dedicated editor like (ahem) RegExRX, but once you get the hang of them, they will change your programming life.

Excellent product :wink:

My first reflex is to go for ReplaceAll, but it quickly becomes a mess while sometimes a Regex can do that in one line. I just wish it took me less time to figure, even with the assistance of RegExRX ! Fortunately, there are already a lot of ready-made RegEx over the Internet for usual searches.

Since you’ve already built in a replacement for ChartDrawJavaScript, can’t you make data= a replacement, too? Would be easier to understand when you come back to it later.

Thank you very much, it was educational :wink:

Hi Kem look good but where i start using RegExRX

So if any Video Tutorial

I never like Web app but now is the people ask for small web app and y have to learn.

Thanks to in the Forums

No, no video tutorial but the app is fully functional except for a nag screen, so you can try it out. Within the Help menu, there is an option to Download Samples that will give you many (hopefully useful) examples of regular expressions.

I should add that this is a great site to learn about regular expressions, and they offer a tutorial. ( have no relationship to them other than being a fan.)

I will check it out thanks :slight_smile: