Replace CGFloat with Doubles?

from LR > CGFloat
“CGFloat serves as a transitionary type until only 64-bit iOS and Mac builds are supported. At that point, CGFloat will be deprecated and Double should be used in its place.”

Since I build only 64-bit Desktop Apps, should I replace all CGFloats to Doubles?

I’m uneasy, since Apple docs still show CGFloat.
Advice welcome. Thanks.

Declare Sub GetRGBValues Lib “Cocoa” Selector “getRed:green:blue:alpha:” (Target As Ptr, ByRef Red As CGFloat, ByRef Green As CGFloat, ByRef Blue As CGFloat, ByRef Alpha As CGFloat)

func NSMakeRect(CGFloat, CGFloat, CGFloat, CGFloat) → NSRect

You don’t need to change that unless you want.

maybe in a few years, you can do a search & replace for it.

Hi Christian,
thank you for the quick reply.