Repeat Delete Key In Code Editor 2014r2 Not Working - Windows

Windows 7 / Xojo 2014r2

The repeat on the delete is not working in the code editor. If I hold the delete key down for an extended period to activate the repeat it deletes one character then stops. I tested in 2014r1 and it works as it should.

Can anyone else verify this?

Works fine on my system. Both the Delete and the Backspace repeat as expected.

I see this all the time on more complex projects. For some reason, showing, then hiding the Find/Error at the bottom seems to help it at least for me. Seems to unclog whatever the problem, but it tends to come right back. There is (was?) a Feedback item in the beta period from last year, with several entries. Apparently the Xojo Test staff was able to see it but couldn’t duplicate it. If I can ever reliably duplicate it, I’ll file a bug report.

It was Feedback #24618. I would have edited my post, but it won’t let me right now.

Actually, it is the BACKSPACE key I am having a problem with…

I’ve noticed it with both, seems like they are related. But yes, on Windows, the Backspace would probably be seen more in this issue.

Is there any key that you can auto-repeat with Xojo ?