Renew subscription in Fastspring sending fulfillment request to server

I have subscription in Fastspring where after user buys license there is fulfilment which is sending request to server to get license key.

After subscription is expired fastspring automatically charges user for next week, but without sending request to server to extend license key.

So my question is: Is it possible when extending license key fastspring send request to server also, so to use same fulfillment when buying key? If yes, be kind and help me to see how

Without this server cannot know whether existing license is extended or not.

I think you should try contacting FastSpring for assistance on this matter.

Hey at least YOU can contact FastSpring for assistance over their subscriptions system. With Apple you can’t even communicate with the team who manage their monstrosity, and DTS tells you there is not much that they can do.

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You need to use their subscription webhooks for this, not fulfillment. There are many events you can use to have a more stable grasp of your user’s subscription status. Webhooks Overview | FastSpring Documentation

As Sam mentioned, I’m sure FastSpring can help you more. I also have a specialty in linking Xojo Web to FastSpring, but don’t have any existing solutions for subscriptions.

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