Renew Apple Developer Certificates

I just got an email from Apple indicating that some of my certficates will expire in a few weeks

  • Mac Installer Distribution
  • Mac App Distribution
  • iOS Distribution

I swear in the past all I had to do was click on them and they would renew…

Now I cannot for the life of me figure out what the covoluted series of events required is…


If memory serves, you need to open KeyChain and create a certifcate request

Then log in to the Developer area of iTunes Connect, and navigate to the certificates section
There, request a new cert by uploading your request file (use the same one for all of them)
Then download each cert and double click on it to get it into keychain.
Possibly then removing the expired one so as to get less clutter

The last time I wanted to log in to the Apple Developer web site, they forced me to pay again, even if the 5 years duration is not over yet.


shouldn’t that just take a few seconds??? the Cert Asst has been “creating the certificate request” for almost 10 min now

This is the tricky thing. The signing certificate you are issued is valid for five years. Your Apple Developer account is a yearly thing. You can sign with a certificate you were issued if your Apple Developer subscription expires.

Edit: I’m not sure if you can recover a signing cert from an expired developer account though.