Renaming controls

For the most part I find Xojo an improvement, but what’s up with renaming controls? If I insert a label, Xojo assigns in the name Label1. The name field in the inspector allows me to write in a new name, but replaces it with Label1 after clicking on two more fields within inspector. It seems to stick if after the first click on another field, but not if another is clicked. I did not discover this work-around until I started writing this note. Clicking on the blue i button to close the inspector also preserves my change. I tried sending feedback on this, but nothing happened that I could see after I clicked on Install when I got the message that the Feedback System is not installed, and then yes to download it when I go the message that the Feedback Installer is Not Available. There is nothing new in my Downloads Folder (Using Windows Vista).
I had looked for a place to enter a title for this message, and was frustrated that there did not seem to be one, and then I got the obnoxious message that I should think about providing a title. The page would be a lot clearer if the field for the title was immediately above the field for the message, and even clearer if it was labeled.

Try pressing tab after changing the name.

Or enter

This may not be relevant but I have found that Xojo does not properly recognize the Enter key on the numeric keypad (Windows 7) leading to something like you describe.