Removing old versions of Xojo

Hi All.

I know this might be a silly question, but better to ask once, and do things right, then not ask and do things wrong…

I have a Mac and within my applications folder I have older versions from Xojo from 2021 to …

Anyway, to remove them from my Mac, I can just drag them into the Trash? I have an uninstaller program but want to do it the best way.


You may want to remove the cache files for the respective versions, too.

And since the title did not refer to Mac specifically:

On Windows use the uninstaller from the control panel (or whatever it is called in Windows 10 and 11).
The uninstaller will remove file associations, though, even if they do no longer point to that version. So, since there is no repair installation available, you will have to re-install the version you use most in order to reset those associations.

No but the post does…

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I know, but people will find here based on the title. And the question is very valid on Windows Systems as well, especially because one does not get the result one expects (replace one with I (the one who posts), if you wish).

Those people can start their own thread to ask. Do you really think someone who’s so confused about their computer they ask basic questions about using it is going to find information about >>not their operating system<< helpful?

Sometimes it’s important NOT to post. Not all information is helpful or relevant.

Sorry to call you out publicly, the moderators don’t consider this their responsibility.

I just drag the corresponding Xojo folder to the Trash.

Remember your plugins folder. If you’ve installed additional plugins (and other 3rd party additions), you’ll have to manage those. Either copy them into the new plugins folder before you delete the old Xojo Folder or use a plugins manager like the excellent Plugins Pro.

As far as “cleaners” go, on Windows, I use Revo Uninstaller. On Mac, I use AppDelete if I think there are a lot of “hidden” support files.

Some people say to just drag the app to the trash because some of those remaining files might be needed by the update. For example, one of those “cleaner-outer” programs might remove the file that holds your registration.

Also, sometimes updates look for a previous version or you are asked to put the previous registration code in a field before the update is released.

I know the question was specifically about Xojo, so the above is just a PSA about removing old software in general.