Removing Containers on a container using web?

How to remove a container inside on a container. For example: I create two buttons and two containers, the one button entitled “loop container” and second one is “remove container”. Then the code of the button 1 will loop a container inside on a container from 1 to 5 I use embedwith. My question is??

How can I remove the container that are embed in a container? When I click the button 2 which is a command that remove the container inside on a container.

Can please write the code on a reply! Tnx In Advance God Bless

If your question is about Xojo Web, it should have been posted in the Web channel.

To be able to remove the container, you must keep a reference to it.

For instance, when you instantiate a WebContainer :

Dim c As New MyContainer c.LockRight = True c.LockBottom = True myC = C c.EmbedWithin(Self, 0, 0, c.Width, c.Height)

myC is a property of your webpage or session :

myC as MyContainer

To remove the container, use the reference :


If you have several containers, you can use an array property, and append to it instead of using one property per container, such as :

myC() as MyContainer

Then instead of assigning C to myC, append it to the array :


Tnx Michel God bless