Removed KeyDown/KeyUp event handlers from SearchField on Desktop

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So how do you stop it making a beep in windows when you press enter in the control to perform a search?

When the same thing happens with the TextFIeld you return True to stop the beep, even though the control is based on the same underlying control we now have an obnoxious beep that can’t be stopped?

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I second this.

Hi @JulianS I’ll look into that.

Thank you so much for your feedback!

Thanks Javier, I’ve added a ticket for it <>

I have a desktop app where a “special field” responds differently if ended by TAB or ENTER. it’s how such market is used to. ENTER skips some extra conference steps and accepts the value (if valid) directly, clears the field, and start the entry again. TAB shows data about it and focus on a button that does what ENTER does. Such code can be read by scanner that sends its value to the data field and finishes it with a CR code (0x0D, Enter). I would say that detecting such thing is crucial to convert such system (and others similar to this one) to web.