Remove family sharing

How do I remove family sharing for the MAS version of my app? My Goggle-fu failed me completely.

I can’t speak to the Xojo side of things, but here’s the Apple APIs, workflow, etc.:

Supporting Family Sharing In Your App

I suspect:

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I love how they control everything. Well done, Apple!

I made the mistake of looking at the ‘review’ pages when I went into the App store as a developer today.
I know that happy people don’t usually post.

But my God, there are some people who really need a hug. And a reality check.
I may just stop coding altogether.

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I’ve seen that, too. My app is a lite version with a restricted amount of data. Reading is hard!

I think I better understand the question now. I also found this which might help as it speaks to using IAP to hide functionality:

How to Turn Off Family Sharing for an App

This doesn’t help your current situation much, as this too speaks to the contract side but may no longer be correct based upon the comments. Unfortunately there’s no follow up as to what the correct answer is.

If you’re unable to find a definitive answer, it might be worthwhile to reach out to Apple Developer Support.