RemoteControlMBS.MacMoveMouse on Mac


In the RemoteControlMBS documentation, the MacMoveMouse method has this note:
“On Mac does not generate mouse events.”
What are “mouse events” in this context? Does the mouse actually not move at all (then, what’s the purpose of this method?)?

When I try this method myself (after fighting with Mac OS’ security options to make it possible), I can see UI items behaving like if the mouse was indeed over them (e.g. the 3 buttons of a window (red, orange and green) become highlighted when the code tells the mouse to move there), but the cursor doesn’t visually move and stays where it already was (which is misleading at best: is the mouse at the cursor location or at the highlighted area, since highlighting would mean the mouse is there?).

What should I do to move the cursor? How does that method work?

It moves the mouse, but may not trigger MouseMove events for the controls below it.

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Thank you.
How can I trigger these MouseMove events so the controls know about it?