Remote debugging over internet

Hello all,
This is the first time I am using the remote debugger over the internet. Actually, today was the first time I used it at all, but I had used it earlier today on a LAN. Tonite I was trying to continue where I left off, but over the internet since the target is at my office.

I changed the DSL Modem, and put the target on the DMZ at my office. The stub is running, and it appears to want to connect. But I get a Runtime error “could not locate target IDE for debugging.”

I am using 2012 R2.1

Any suggestions?

Also, I could not find anything in the help files on remote debugging. Can anyone point me to the docs?

Thank you,

I always do remote debugging to my offsite machines after I’ve made a VPN connection.

So the problem is probably something on my end… will have a look. I do not know how to create a VPN connection, but that appears to be the requirement, so will learn that too!

Thanks for the feed back wayne!

Remote debugging requires two sockets. The IDE makes the first one TO the debugger stub, sends the app and launches it, and then the app itself connects back to the IDE. You’ll have better luck if you use a VPN or ssh tunnel.

Thanks Greg.

Can anyone point me to the docs on remote debugging?

User Guide Book 3: Framework, Chapter 8: Debugging, Section 4: Remote Debugging.

Thanks Paul,

I searched the Users Guide and the Language reference (on line both launched via the IDE) and none of the searches for remote, or debug yielded results. Perhaps consider adding the book info to those docs as well.

Thank you again, will read the docs you have pointed to.


The language reference won’t have references to Remote debugging - its not part of the Language