Remote Debugging in a remote PC is possible?

I normally use Remote Debugging running the Xojo IDE in my Mac on different VMs in my LAN.
Is possible to do it on remote devices (example in my customer machine) ?
If so, is there any other concern I need to pay attention in addition to open the port 44553 ?
I am not having success when I try to do it…

It is generally bad practice to open a port to the internet. You should use a VPN tunnel.


Thanks @Tim_Hare
I agree with you.
But do you already done a remote debugging in a device that is not in your LAN ?

If the remote machine has a local IP behind a router, then attempting to access port 44553 of the public IP of that LAN is very likely not forwarded to the specific local machine where you are trying to remote debug.

Using a VPN is the sensible choice here and connecting into that LAN, then using the machine’s local IP instead of the public IP of the router. It can be done via port forwarding etc, but in general you don’t want to open a port to the internet.

I’ve done this in my days before Xojo when working in one office and remote debugging over VPN to another office. It’s one of the reasons a that I added gzip compression to remote debugging when I got to Xojo all those years ago as it makes a huge difference in performance.