Remote debugging from Windows to Raspberry Pi

This might be a silly question as I have not seen any updates on this for quite some time and I cannot see it on the Xojo roadmap. Is there still any plans to have the ability to remote debug from windows to a Raspberry Pi? I have only seem some discussion in the forum about this 5 years ago. Would be great to have this feature :slight_smile:

There is a Remote Debugger for Pi within the Extras folder - it’s really useful. Not sure what version it was introduced with.

Yes Adam, but it only supports Mac OS and Linux … It does not work with Windows

Excuse my ignorance, but can’t you run the ‘Linux’ debugger on the Pi and connect to it from Windows?

Yes you can, but is does not work … all it does is create an empty compressed file on the Pi … it does not debug/run. Works fine from a Mac.

Just tested debugging a Desktop App from Windows 10 using Xojo 2021 r2.1 and I can remote debug on a Pi using the Remote Debugger included with same version of Xojo.
Could be a permissions issue?

Ok … what directory Adam? Do I need to set permissions on it, by default ?

Within the Remote Debugger on the Pi go to Edit - Options and you can choose the folder to use for the apps. I use the downloads folder which was the default as I ran it from Downloads.

I got it it work in any folder … as long as a password is not set on the option in the remote debugger and Xojo connection settings. Many thanks for your help :slight_smile: