Remote debugging from Win7 Xojo IDE to Raspberry Pi

The Xojo website says:

“Currently you can Remote Debug to the Raspberry Pi from the Xojo IDE running on MacOS or Linux. Windows support will be added in a future version of Xojo.

link text

Can someone tell me if there is a specific case for this? I tried to search for “remote debug windows” and found about 268 debugger related feedback issues. But I’m having trouble finding anything specifically addressing this.

I want to up-vote this issue and monitor it. I’m running the Xojo IDE under Windows 7 and compiling for the Raspberry Pi and I could really could use the Xojo remote debugger.

Although i use a RPi clone (Pine A64 with 2 GB ram) i have the same problem. What i did is installing on my Win 10 box Oracle VM Virtualbox with Mint 18.3. Then i do the debugging with Xojo on the Mint Linux. I also installed Tightvncserver on the Pine and a Tight vnc client on the Windows 10 pc, and this way i can debug and see the result of all debugging in Windows.

Anyone know if remote debugging to the Raspberry Pi from the Xojo IDE running on Windows has been implemented?

I use remote debugging on Windows 10 to develop programs on the RaspberryPi. It works without a problem using Xojo 2018r4.

Remote Debugging to Pi from Windows was fixed in 2018r4. I’ve updated that page in the Pi book.

The Pi book ? Can you put a link Paul ? Don’t know exactly where to find it yet.

Keep in mind, this will be moved over to in the coming months.

I should have known since I had the pdf stored.
But @Paul Lefebvre can you please also update the release/version details on the first page (cover) ?

I finally made the jump from Xojo 2017r1 to Xojo 2018r4 so that I can use the Remote debugger from Win7 to my Raspberry Pi’s and I have to say that the remote debugger is fantastic!

So much of the code that I write is Raspberry Pi specific and cannot be run locally on my Win7 development computer. This can make debugging a nightmare.

I’ve had to resort to writing messages to log files, displaying messages to the Raspberry Pi GUI, printing messages to stdout etc. It works but it is such a crude way to debug an application. You never set to see the overall status of your program’s environment, just a few specific variables. It’s like trying to view the Grand Canyon through a pin-hole.

I’ve been asking for a working remote debugger ever since I started using Xojo and they finally delivered! The Xojo remote debugger is an absolute must for the Raspberry Pi since the Xojo IDE cannot run on the Raspberry Pi itself.

I’ve spent the last three days running my code through it’s paces and exercising the remote debugger. Thank you Xojo! The remote debugger is a great tool!