Remote Debugging From macOS Speed Difference

I don’t think this is new to 2017 R1 but I’m noticing something really odd with the speed of transfers from the IDE to a Windows VM on my machine with remote debugging.

When I initiate a Remote Debug and leave the IDE in the front it take about 19 seconds to compile and transfer and launch the app in Windows. Seems pretty reasonable considering most of that is the transfer and launch.

If I select another app so the IDE goes to the background the exact same things takes 2 minutes, 17 seconds! That is quite a difference in time and it seems that a bulk of that is the transfer. It’s like the IDE is going into AppNap or something when it goes into the background.

Dev machine is a 2016 5k iMac and remote debugging into a VMWare Windows 10 environment.

Anyone else seeing this? Besides keeping the IDE in the foreground is there a way to keep it from being so slow in the background?

I turned off AppNap for Xojo and the Remote Debugging with the IDE in the background is back to the 19 seconds.

defaults write com.xojo.xojo NSAppSleepDisabled -bool YES

I thought the IDE already used the correct API to notify the OS that it’s busy and shouldn’t sleep right now.

Apparently not.

Filed a bug report on it. feedback://showreport?report_id=47662