remote debugger types

I’ve tried to run a web app on raspberry pi but it doesn’t run. Although when I try running my desktop app on raspberry pi it works just fine. Is this because I’m running a remote “desktop” debugger on my Pi? If so, is there a remote web debugger for Pi since in the extras folder of my xojo installation I only see a console and desktop debugger

A web app is a console app. I would imagine the console debugger would work.

You can also run the web app on your main computer and then connect to it from the Raspberry Pi browser (as long as you’re on the same network). The debugger will then be triggered as normal.

You just have to use the correct IP of the main computer that is running the web app.

So in my case, my Mac Pro is, so from the Pi browser I can use this URL:

to display the web app that is running on the Mac Pro in debug mode.

This shouldn’t be related to remote debugger type. The desktop one has a nice GUI. The console one is a console app so it can be used on systems that have no GUI. I suspect your web app isn’t starting for some other reason - perhaps trying to use a port that requires elevated privileges (like port 80)?