Remote Debugger on M1 and Windows ARM

I use Xojo 2021 r1.1 on a Mac Mini M1 with macOS 11.3.1.
I have installed Parallels Desktop 16.5.0 (50692) with a VM with Windows 10 Pro ARM Build 21376

I am trying to run my project remotely to that Parallels VMs, Xojo build the project and then says ‘Launching the Application’ but nothing happens.

I have been using the remote debugger for more than a decade before moving to that new Mac Mini M1. I have never had problems. Not sure what it is but is this supposed to work?

Thanks. :bearded_person:t2: Stan Busk (Maxprog)

Hi Stan, Xojo doesn’t yet support Windows on ARM.

I found a Feedback case for it here: <>

I’ve been working with Win10 ARM on M1 as well. I’ve not been able to get the Remote Debugger to work either. It just sits at Launching Application. I meant to devote some time to getting it running, but I just haven’t had the time.

OK, so I just tried again. The latest Remote Debugger doesn’t work, but I was able to Remote Debug from Xojo 2021r1.1 to the 2017R3 Remote Debugger. I just did a basic test with a brand new desktop project. Xojo really doesn’t have to do anything immediately for Win10 ARM support as the OS has a really nice virtualization layer. There are some issues that I’ve seen with Canvas drawing, but those are getting better with each OS and Parallels release. Not sure where the issue with the newer Remote Debuggers is.

There’s no way of knowing how well this will function in practice without using it, though.

The 32-bit remote debugger stub works, but you’re right, the 64-bit one does not in this case. We’ll look into that, thanks.