Remote Debugger does not seem to work anymore


I wanted to test the latest XOJO and the debugger, XOJO on MacOS Ventura, debugger on Windows 10.

All firewalls off , I don’t see it at all on the Run Remotely → Setup.

If I put the ip apply , nothing happens. Any ideas ?


Hi, i have nearly the same setup, using Windows 11. And for me it works (using no password and setting up a Download Location). Can you ping your Windows-IP in Terminal?

It seems that the app reaches to the debugger and then it crashes with the following message

Since we could not locate the target IDE to start a debug session, this application will now exit.

And in order to avoid any issues I did disabled all the firewalls in the router and as well on MacOS and on windows 11.

Any idea what this could come from ? and how it could be fixed ?

On windows 10, run the DbgView app so you can see what (if any) messages are being logged by the remote debugger stub: DebugView - Sysinternals | Microsoft Learn


i’ll have to have a look on that, the funny part is that while you look on XOJO setup , it seems that first time is randomly appearing as the device on the list, i manage to set it up, put the password, apply and then once i need to deploy and run it , the fun happens, i see it on the windows machine that the archive is being downloaded, after which it decompress the error shows up.

so in my case i guess for some reasons the debugger does not seem to communicate back with xojo, even if macos firewall is completely off for this test.

i just noticed that the issue is happening randomly and so far i cannot debug it , but i’ll try your advice .